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Dynamic Website Design & Code


I have been coding in XHTML & gerneral HTML for over 11 years it is my hobby and past time. I am currently coding in HTML 5 a new / upgrade to XHTML and HTML 4.0. It is an exciting language with many opourtunities. HTML design of your site could cost anywhere between $50 - $150 depending on the complexity of the design.

PHP 5, MySql

I have been coding in Php since PHP 3.5 was around. I have experience with OOP programing and using a varity of frameworks. I think you'll find that any project can be created in php and I am certainly capible of a multiude of projects. See my site ( for more. Starting price. $150 / Price Per Hr -> $20

JavaScript Jquery

Like most web developers I have used JavaScript since I started designing and I have become quite adept with it however, only recently have I opened to the wide world of jQuery, I am on pace to becoming an expert in both language bodies. Starting Price $100 / Price Per Hr $15 depending on the complexity of the design.

Social Media Intergration.

Do you want your blog posts to immedatly go up as a tweet? or as a Facebook update? I do twitter, Facebook, ingergration and ya its cool. Starting Price $300 / Price Per Hr $25 (as long as it has an API key I can intergrate anything you wish cost TBD)

Website Consultation.

Not turning a profit. I'll tell what to do to improve your site traffic. Starting Price $100 / Price Per Hr $14

Contact Me.

I am open to negotiation and I am able to help you devlop your website or business idea in a multiple of ways feel free to contact me and we can get a better understanding of how I can help. you can reach me at smpily at