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The Reconciliation Series

I am very pleased to announce that my recent collection of work titled “The Reconciliation Series” has been purchased by the National Indigenous Art Collection in Ottawa. The collection has taken me about 4 years to complete and it’s only 5 pieces in total but each piece took a lot of thought and interpretation of my own feelings toward what I was creating. The works are all quite large approximately 49x60 inches and are painted in oil on a stretched canvas background.

Me inspecting the Reconciliation Series on exhibit at The Idea Exchange Gallery in Cambridge ON.

Monster - the first piece created for this series.

Awiyakkamacitotahk - Evil Doer

Kostacihkwamiwin- Nightmare

Cipay or Ghost

Osikotatahikew - Assailant

Posted on 2019-04-28 14:55:26 by: Jim Logan